A mum is rallying for change after visiting a “death trap” park in Blackburn, by calling for the council to fix it up.

Suzanne Geldard says the playgrounds at Witton Park are a “disgrace” adding that the play facilities are “dangerous” and in a state of disrepair.

Blackburn with Darwen Council said it is planning to spend £350,000 on refurbishing the park, urging the public to stay away from fenced off areas.

Suzanne said: “I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say this but the park is nigh on a ‘death trap’ especially for little ones.

“How it has been left is an absolute disgrace. Parts have been fenced off at some point but the fences have been pushed down.

“The fencing has just been left on the floor and It isn’t clear which parts were fenced of and out of bounds.

Lancashire Telegraph: A broken fence at Witton ParkA broken fence at Witton Park (Image: Suzanne Geldard)

Suzanne added there are wires poking out from some apparatus, with chunks of floor torn away “causing a trip hazard”.

She said: “Even the toddler play park was a bit of a disgrace. The rubber was coming away from the tarmac on the flood, which was a major trip hazard.

“Parts had worn away on the climbing frame, which had tape around it – even the tape was wearing away.

“A swing looked like it has been chewed by a dog.

Lancashire Telegraph: A broken swing at Witton ParkA broken swing at Witton Park (Image: Suzanne Geldard)

“The only thing that is remotely usable is a climbing frame, net swing and zip wire.

“It is really unloved which is sad because it’s a lovely green space and I have so many happy memories from my childhood in there.”

Suzanne is calling on the council to start fixing the park up and put signs in the car park explaining much of the play area is out of bounds, before people pay to park like she did.

Lancashire Telegraph: A broken swing at Witton Park A broken swing at Witton Park (Image: Suzanne Geldard)

She said: “I want the council to take steps to fix it .

“Apart from it being dangerous what has annoyed me is that there is no signage in place when you are paying to use the car park, saying the play park is out of action.

“I think it’s cheeky to expect people to pay for parking when there isn’t much to do, except walk the dog.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Witton Park in disrepairWitton Park in disrepair (Image: Suzanne Geldard)

Suzanne said she is unlikely to go back until changes are made.

She said: “I don’t want to go back. I am fortunate enough to be able to drive to other parks but there will be parents who aren’t able to travel far to find another park.

“There will be families like mine who are completely unaware of how it looks, who will go out of their way to get there and be disappointed.

“With covid kids have already missed out on a lot and now someone needs to step up and do something about it.

“My youngest is starting school in September and we don’t have many more full days together and It is a bit sad that today hasn’t gone to plan.”Lancashire Telegraph: Witton Park in disrepairWitton Park in disrepair (Image: Suzanne Geldard)

In 2022 it was revealed that £350,000 was going to be invested into Witton Country Park.

Tony Watson, head of environment at Blackburn with Darwen Council, said: “As we are working towards the £350,000 regeneration of the park’s play facilities this year, we have closed off a few areas that are no longer available to use.

“We received the information on the photos provided and now the environment team and will make sure that any dangerous items will be fenced off, as it seems like somebody has tried to gain access to the facilities via fended off areas and removed the fencing that we originally put up.

“We must remind members of the community not to try and access the areas that are fenced off for their own and others safety, as dangerous items of play equipment are not in use and will to be fenced off for health and safety with appropriate signage.”