It is not good for democracy when a Prime Minister is more interested in his own agenda than that of the country.

He may have been a personality but lacked the skill in the role.

It is worth noting that some dictators got into power on the strength of their apparent popularity.

This isn’t to say that you can’t have interesting politicians but their focus must be on the good of the country and not themselves.

Being an MP is a serious challenge to work for the good of constituents and the country, not a lucrative career move.

We need to get back to politicians working for the long term good of the country, with where necessary cross party policies on areas such as the NHS and environmental issues and energy security, and not vote for me slogans with no serious plans.

It’s good we still have democracy procedures in place to deal with things.

Therefore democratic rights and integrity from politicians need to be upheld and not diluted or trashed on the whim of an individual or political party.

Under this government our international standing has diminished. We need to return to a country to be proud of.

P Cooper