A man has filmed a video of an apparent ‘tornado’ forming at a tip in Accrington.

TikTok user @caslife99, real name Jimmy Fincham, filmed the video at Altham Household Waste Recycling Centre. In the video we can see the ‘tornado’ begin to circle, with dust and rubbish flying up in the air.

In the video, which has been viewed more than 76,000 times, we can hear Jimmy saying: “Look at all the rubbish up there. What’s going on? Goodness.”

Jimmy said the weather phenomenon was beautiful and said he will “most likely never see another”.

He said: “I am just glad to have been so close to one – it’s very rare in the UK

“I didn't expect [the video] to get such a big reaction. [I want to thank everyone] for sharing commenting and following.”

While Jimmy thinks he captured a tornado on camera, the weather phenomenon in the video appears to be a ‘dust devil’.

According to the Met Office, a dust devil is “an upward spiralling, dust filled vortex of air that may vary in height from a few feet to over 1,000.

They are usually several metres in diameter at the base, then narrowing for a short distance before expanding again.

The form in areas where the ground is dry and high surface temperatures produce strong updrafts.

Credit: YouTube/Met Office

The Met Office said: “Unlike tornadoes, dust devils grow upwards from the ground, rather than down from clouds.

“In the stronger dust devils, a cumulous cloud can be seen at the top of the rising column of warm air.

“They only last a few minutes because cool air is sucked into the base of the rising vortex, cooling the ground and cutting off its heat supply.

“Although they may resemble 'mini-tornadoes', dust devils are nowhere near as powerful or destructive.”

Since posting the video dozens of people have commented on it.

One person said: “Get a sweeping brush out.”

Another said: “That’s a dust devil. A good one though.”

“It’s so dirty,” said another.

“It’s beautiful,” said another.

It is not the first time this weather phenomenon has been seen in Lancashire.

In 2014, it was thought that a ‘mini tornado’ was spotted in Barrowford but It turned out to be a dust devil.

Another was spotted in 2006 by workers at  BJ Transport in Great Harwood.

The Met Office has been approached for a comment about the video.