I am not surprised that nurses at Burnley General Hospital are feeling a sense of outrage. They are rightly furious after receiving £267 fines dating back over five years for parking in the hospital grounds despite the fact that they had paid the appropriate fee upon entering and then struggled to find a parking space.

Any of us who have visited BGH in recent times will commiserate with them.

The financial penalty is accompanied with the threat of a County Court judgement unless paid. This is a disgraceful situation for these Florence Nightingales, displaying total ingratitude for their commitment during the pandemic performing long hours on shift work.

READ: Burnley NHS staff receive parking fines dating back 5 years

Apparently the allegation by the UK Parking Control company is that the offenders were parked “in the wrong spot”! In my opinion this firm is acting in a mercenary manner.

It strikes me this is a revenue collecting exercise and the NHS authorities must do the honourable thing for their employees and cancel these fines immediately.

Jim Oldcorn