I am unfortunate enough due to where I work to have to travel on the A682 twice a day through Brierfield and Nelson.

During my evening commute home, there has yet to be an occasion where at least one vehicles is not parked on the double yellow lines between Victoria Street and Albert Street and I have seen up to eight vehicles parked at one time.

I have seen cars parked without people sat in them many times. I have had to swerve violently to avoid a driver or passenger throw their door open without concern for moving traffic (whilst parked on double yellows).

I have seen people having conversations whilst leaning against their cars, quite literally stood in the road as cars, vans and buses edge on the wrong side of the road in order not to run them down.

The double yellow lines seem invisible to the inconsiderate drivers parking wherever is convenient for themselves and completely indifferent to the danger they put other drivers in.

If the police want some extra cash from fines for a few more officers on the beat or even a donation to our local Pendleside hospice, then they need look no further than this small stretch of road where thoughtless individuals do as they please.

A P Lee