A popular snooker tournament is set to return following a successful debut event.

The Elite Players Snooker Championships (EPC) will take place later this month.

Event organiser Matt Kayley came up with the idea last year to keep the clubs busy over the summer period when traditionally both the professional and amateur seasons end.

Played all on 3/4 size tables, with only 10 reds and no handicaps, the competition is hoping to attract the best players in East Lancashire.

Pete Worthington, of Burnley's Kavia Mouldings Limited, has agreed £500 sponsorship matching last year's kind contribution, guaranteeing prize money yet again.

Entry is £10 per player, entrance forms and rules can be found by searching for the 'Elite Players Championship' Facebook group and are also available in Ighten Leigh Social club in Burnley.

Closing date for entries in Sunday 18 June.