At a time when the war in Ukraine continues to rage, there are strikes seemingly every week, families across the country are trying to deal with inflation. high mortgage costs and a general credit crunch, what is the main focus of attention? Phillip Schofield.

Really, enough is enough!

Yes there are questions to be asked about a high profile, highly-paid presenter apparently lying to his bosses (and Holly) but is this really a story which should be dominating the news schedules?

On Friday we had the Beeb announcing triumphantly that it had got the ‘exclusive first interview’. Phillip Schofield is not Princess Di, he’s a man who worked with a puppet on children’s TV for goodness sake.

Talk about a spot of navel gazing. Would TV be so interested if it didn’t involve their own industry? Of course not.

The problem is that the general public really don’t care what goes on behind closed doors. Same as they don’t really care what happens with any other major corporation.

The Schofield case should not be totally ignored. But just report it and move on. No need to wheel out countless talking heads and embittered ex-colleagues to discuss it.

Focus on issues that really matter.