Politics can be a very uncertain business. Both major English parties have seen significant changes in direction, the Conservatives lurching to the right with a more nativist approach and Labour, having flirted with hard left policies now adopting an almost centrist position.

While these “evolutions” take place, members of parties are promoted, demoted, join or leave for a variety of reasons.

Brexit led to talented Conservative parliamentarians being forced out of the party. The Corbyn era in the Labour Party created very real internal conflict and his fall saw a major change of political course, almost a U-turn in many members’ eyes.

Along with an obsession with focus groups and ever younger policy advisors, another factor affecting both parties has been the rise of the “career politician”.

The days when MPs were more representative of the population as a whole have gone.

A significant proportion of MPs are generally thought to have “never had a proper job” and the rise of the university to political assistant/public relations brigade, who are then pushed for constituency selection has devalued the role.

It is no secret that I find the current Government hopeless and unpleasant, but whoever wins next year’s General Election, I would hope that the next parliament includes many more really capable, experienced and talented people.

This lack of a “real world grounding” among our MPs cannot continue. That, plus failures of integrity and intelligence have led this country to its current state – change has to come and come soon.

Tim Knowles