I wonder just how much longer the great and patient British public are prepared to display such tolerance to the moronic behaviour of the Extinction Rebellion protesters and other eco fanatics who are disrupting the lives of ordinary law abiding members of the public?

Personally I am heartily sick of these attention seeking eco zealots convinced they have some kind of moral authority to act in any way they like with their puerile antics.

In recent weeks Just Stop Oil radicals have waged a high profile campaign blocking roads, disrupting sporting events and even cruelly snatching terrified lambs from their mothers.

Labour have repeatedly opposed the Public Order bill which would give greater powers to the police.

I cringe at my old pals in the cops who compound the problem with their softly softly feeble response unbelievably pandering to these crackpots and providing them with light refreshments.

When a vandal last week caused damage at the Chelsea Flower Show a passerby doused the offender with a garden hose. Not enough I am afraid, call me old fashioned and a dinosaur but we should follow the lead of both the Dutch and French authorities and reach for the water cannon and tear gas.

It’s time the powers that be put a stop to all this nonsense.

Retired Det Insp Jim Oldcorn