A housing association team has transformed a shrub bed into a lush green space on estate land owned by Together Housing.

As part of a drive to make better use of green areas within Together Housing estates, maintenance teams are encouraged to share which areas in local estates they think need extra gardening care.

The patch of land in between Mansfield Crescent and Mansfield Grove in Brierfield has now been restored after maintenance teams spent months clearing the area.

Before winter 2022, the unused patch was filled with wood chip mulch and was without much greenery.

But since starting work in October 2022, the teams have been able to refresh the area to make it a welcome part of the estate.

Lancashire Telegraph: The green space in Briefield before its transformationThe green space in Briefield before its transformation (Image: Together Housing)

Throughout the winter months, a team of three grounds maintenance operatives cleared nearly four tonnes of wood chip by hand and even began planting bulbs this spring.

David McDonough, Mick Meadway and Ashleigh Spencer took on the project after they saw potential in the area.

Mick, who has been a grounds maintenance operative for Pendle Grounds Maintenance West for 10 years, said: “The shrub bed needed a lot of work doing to get it looking good again but as a team, we’re really proud with what we’ve been able to do with it.

“It’s now a lot nicer for the residents to look at and walk by when they’re out and about.

"With the new maintenance schedule, it’ll make keeping it look good more regular and hopefully, the residents will enjoy it more too.

“Me and the team are really happy with the final product and we’re planning to keep it up and eventually do the same in other parts of Together Housing estates.”

The teams have now created an updated schedule for works to keep the area looking its best.

Every two weeks, Together Housing staff will mow the lawn and carry out any gardening the area needs. 

Together Housing’s Grounds Maintenance Site Supervisor, Matthew Cross, said: “We’ve only just begun with this drive to support our residents through the upkeep of the green spaces where they live.

“If we can do our bit to make sure we’re looking after these small areas of land that can sometimes get overlooked, then we hope it will help the area feel more homely.  

“It’s also about taking pride in our work for our grounds teams who are the ones who come forward with their suggestions on where we could be doing more.

“To see our teams working on projects like the Mansfield Crescent and Mansfield Grove land and being really happy with the final product will no doubt encourage similar work in other areas.”

Together Housing is always open to suggestions so if any customer has any areas they would like to see improved then get in touch and they will come and see what can be achieved.

You can contact the customer services via email at enquiries@togetherhousing.co.uk.