Petrol suppliers in Blackburn have been accused of ‘greed’ by setting prices higher in the town than elsewhere.

Prices in Blackburn have been 10 pence per litre higher for a number of months. This gap has narrowed in recent weeks but the price of a litre of petrol will still cost you up to 5p more in Blackburn than in surrounding towns.

A short drive to Preston and Rossendale and fuel prices were lower for motorists.
Hiking prices within a local vicinity was described as nothing else but ‘greed’ by a councillor who also called on a ‘boycott’.

The Lancashire Telegraph contacted some of the companies who run the forecourts in Blackburn.

Asda and Tesco responded, but the EG Group said it would not make a comment.

A Tesco spokesperson said it regularly monitors fuel prices throughout a local area to ensure it is ‘providing competitive prices for our customers’.

A spokesperson for Asda said: “Asda is the price leader in the supermarket fuel sector and we remain focussed on providing our customers with the best value at the pumps.”

Forecourts supplied by Esso, Texaco, Shell and BP had also priced their fuel higher than in some surrounding towns. Some with a 10p mark up.

Executive member for Neighbourhood and Prevention Services, Cllr Shaukat Hussain, said: “It is an absolute disgrace that the big petrol companies are ripping off the residents of Blackburn setting the price higher.

“Many working people are already struggling during the cost of living crisis and the price of fuel is an added burden.

"Big companies like Tesco are not living up their slogan ‘every little helps’ as there is no justification to raise prices higher here than in neighbouring towns.

“It is pure greed.

“I call on the companies inclduing the likes of Asda, Tesco and the EG Group to bring prices in line with those in towns near by. It would help families.

“If they don’t then I would suggest people shop around and boycott them and get their groceries and products from elsewhere.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Here, was the price of fuel at the Preston Morrisons. A price it has been for several months.

In February, the Lancashire Telegraph reported how prices were 10p cheaper in Preston and the surrounding towns.

The contuniuing price differences should be 'investigated' said motorists.

One man, who asked not to be named, travels across Lancashire and said the companies were ‘manipulating prices’ locally.

He said: "As soon as you drive out of Blackburn and Hyndburn you notice the difference.

"Fuel was 10p cheaper in Preston and Manchester a week ago so why is it much higher in Blackburn and Hyndburn? 

“I feel we're being taken advantage of by someone who is unfairly manipulating the price in this area. It needs to be investigated."