David Rush in his recent letter is quick to denounce electric scooters stating they should be prohibited. He’s really pointing out the dangers of riders using them illegally.

E-scooters’ legal purpose is a ‘for-hire’ low mass person carrier. Legal scooters are available in various cities for people who have a current driving licence which can be endorsed for offences committed on the scooter. They are restricted to 15.5 mph and have lights.

I am sure David is referring to owned E-Scooters that are ridden exceeding speed limits and on spaces reserved for pedestrians only. A high proportion of these scooters are likely to be used anti-socially. They are already being ridden by law breakers if they are on the road.

A greater number of law breakers drive cars at speed and in spaces reserved for pedestrians. They are largely ignored despite being far more lethal. Many drivers do not consider themselves to be law breakers, let alone anti-social by speeding or driving on the pavement.

Promoting E-scooter use aims to reduce motor car use and congestion.

Using Mr Rush’s logic, motor cars should be prohibited. Even with careful drivers motor cars are lethal. Unfortunately, the people suffering the greatest harm do not count.

Consider the diesel claim industry which offers to compensate drivers. There is no such compensation available to pedestrians who have been breathing in the fumes from fraudulently rated clean engines.

Richard Alderson