AND so the fall-out on the GMB sofa continues but while all this trivia goes on, the most serious issue facing us all is basically ignored.

I do try to keep up but I’ve had an enjoyable time hearing Nigel Farage admitting publicly ‘Brexit has failed’ and watching Rishi Sunak trying to stop the rabble in his cabinet from briefing against each other while the spectre of Boris and new Partygate evidence looms large.

At the same time, Rishi has been warned that he must change his present economic strategy to avoid a self-inflicted recession just before the 2024 election. Oh Joy!!

It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

But when did you last hear the words ‘Global Warming’ on any world leader’s lips?

If we go on the way we are without major reductions in our use of fossil fuels, then by the end of the century the earth will be 3°C to 5°C warmer with absolutely dire consequences for humanity.

Despite that, I can legally buy a new house in Britain which is not designed to Passivhaus standards and is not fitted with solar panels.

Politicians – of all colours – why do you allow that?

Why do you let us down so badly?

Quentin Macdonald