With the Net Migration figures coming out this week, here is some perspective.

Last year the Net Migration figures was 500,000 and this year’s figure is a shade over 600,000.

To put this in to some perspective, the population of Blackburn is around 150,000 therefore four new towns the size of Blackburn have effectively been added to the population or more than another Manchester

That is from a green field to a town or city completely finished ready to move into. This is on top of all the previous years.

Lancashire County Council covers an area with of population of 1.25million, just above the last two years of net migration into great Britain, that puts it into perspective!

We often hear about the housing shortages. To house 600,000, you would need at a rough guess, around 150,000 houses and that is just for this year’s numbers. And people are arguing about building estates of a couple of hundred houses.

Looking at the NHS, if each GP has about 2,000 patients, that means this year alone 300 extra GPs are needed just for this year’s net migration, let alone the number of additional health centres with their nurses, receptionists and other staff. Does this explain some of the problems the NHS is having?

In 2000 the UK population was 59million, in 2022 it was 67.5million. That is an increase of 8.5 million in just 22 years. No matter what some of the politicians will say, Britain is full.

Michael Albin