A mobile network says they are “working” on improving signal coverage in a town after months of unreliable service.

Residents of Clitheroe using Three as their provider have reported issues to the company including poor sound quality on calls, important services such as banking apps not loading, and music streaming not working while in the town.

Those who raised the concerns were usually told there were not any known issues or that Three will look into their complaints.

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Sarah-Jane Yates, who lives in the town, said she had experienced problems for two to three months.

She said: “For me, calls and texts work but sometimes it’s not very clear, so people say they can’t hear me. Sometimes my iMessages don’t work or Facebook messages won’t deliver.

“It’s been intermittent but mainly not working for around two to three months, I’d say.

“I take my children to school just outside Clitheroe and my internet works there. But then if I’m streaming music through my car it will cut off when I get back into town. Then when I come out the other side to get to work it will start again.”

Sarah-Jane said the last time she called Three she was told the company was aware of an issue and they planned to fix it around May 20.

She was then told via a live chat that repairs were taking longer than expected and by way of compensation she was offered a £10 credit on her bill.

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“I pay around £53 a month,” she said. “I pay for 12GB of data on my contract, and my partner pays for unlimited data because he uses music streaming while he’s at work. He’s definitely been more affected than I have but it’s still so frustrating.

“The response up until this week has been rubbish. They’ve never followed up with me to see whether anything is still not working. This week they tried to do something to apologise but I don’t know how much of my bill is for my data.”

Three says they have been working on fixing issues to both 3G and 4G in the town but 3G issues could take longer to be fixed.

A Three spokesperson said: “We have identified and been working on issues with both the 3G and 4G signals in the Clitheroe area. We have now fixed the 4G issue and also expect the 3G issue to be improved this month.

“We ask any customers suffering issues to contact Three customer services to report the problem. Three’s customer service line is open 8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday, and 9.00am to 6.00pm Saturday and Sunday. It can be reached by calling 0333 338 1001.”