There are lots of great things about social media platforms, enabling families and friends to stay in touch.

But since they appeared, the world has become at risk of disinformation campaigns that distort politics and set us all at each other’s throats.

If a publisher, news company or television channel publishes or broadcasts content that is untrue, racist, homophobic, incites violence, denies science or attacks human rights, they can be sued. They are responsible for the content they produce.

Democratic societies cannot afford social media companies to be left to regulate themselves. Social media companies must also be held responsible for the content they publish or propaganda will destroy democracy.

When a Chatbot operated by a foreign power can address you individually, gaslight you with photos of things that haven’t happened and show fake videos of people saying things they haven’t said, we are all in danger.

It’s vital that governments work together to create a legislative framework to protect us all.

Christian Vassie