Temporary traffic lights will be put up on a main road while the council replaces two cattle grids, and are set to be in place for three months.

Lancashire County Council is putting temporary traffic lights in Clitheroe Road between Clitheroe and Sabden this week, for 12 weeks.

The cattle grids on the part of the road which goes over Pendleton Moor are due to be replaced this summer but need to be 'bypassed' until the work can take place, as they are becoming unsafe following rapid deterioration over recent weeks.

Drivers are being asked to leave a little extra time for their journeys to account for the short delay due to the temporary lights.

The county council is removing the gate next to each cattle grid so that vehicles can get around the grids, but this will reduce the road to one lane with the lights being needed to control traffic in each direction.

County Councillor Rupert Swarbrick said: "Our intention has always been to replace these cattle grids this summer, but they have rapidly deteriorated over recent weeks to the point where they're becoming unsafe to cross which is why we need this temporary traffic management in place.

"The cattle grids on this road are not a standard size and each has to be specially manufactured.

"The work can't be carried out until we receive them which we're expecting to be in around 12 weeks' time.

"In the meantime we're diverting traffic around each grid, but the road is only wide enough to accommodate one lane to the side which is why we need the temporary lights.

"This should not cause long delays, however we want to let people know so that they can plan their journeys, and they understand what we're doing and why the lights are there.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience this will cause and am grateful for people's patience over the coming weeks until we can replace the grids."