THERE’S nothing it would seem like a Coronation to polarise people’s views. Perhaps it’s a good job we haven’t had one for almost 70 years in that case!

As with any controversial subject, not everything is black and white. Yes, you have the extremists/diehards - call them what you like - who on one side believe the whole concept of the monarchy is outdated, patronising to the working classes (whoever they are these days) and just plain wrong; or on the other believe the monarchy is almost a sainted institution above all criticism.

Then you have probably the vast majority who are on a spectrum from quite liking the monarchy to not being bothered by it in the slightest.

All shades of opinion came to the fore in the past week as the bunting flew (or didn’t depending on your persuasion) and the TV channels actually found something interesting to put on for our Saturday viewing.

For love it or loathe it, history was actually made at the weekend and the whole Coronation thing looked spectacular. It also appeared to bring many communities together and it matters not that many of those tucking into sandwiches and cream cakes believe in the institution of monarchy or not; at least it showed that when we want to we can be more than civil to one another.

The debate about the Monarchy will rumble on. For those wanting to abolish it one question? What would you replace it with?

Given the track record of politicians or those who covet power - Donald J Trump, your honour - be careful what you wish for!