SO how was your election? Hands up all those of you who turned up at your polling station without the appropriate ID!

Prior to election day, opponents of the new regulations which came into force, were very vocal about how demanding ID was an affront to civil liberties and also totally unnecessary when it came to combatting voter fraud.

Perhaps they have a case but there is a great irony here.

We now live in a world where so many of us appear to be prepared to willingly share more personal details about ourselves to complete strangers than we have never done before and don’t bat an eyelid.

Indeed, if you don’t post your ‘Insta-friendly’ photos and regularly update your status online you are beginning to be regarded as a social outcast.

To those with evil intent it is getting easier and easier to put together a fairly accurate profile about someone. Look at Facebook and people posting from their holiday hotspot. Does it not strike you that you are actually shouting ‘look, my home is unoccupied, help yourself’.

So it’s OK to tell the world all about your latest possessions, nights out, drunken parties and general whereabouts but it’s not OK to simply provide some official ID in order to exercise your precious right to vote.

Strange old world isn’t it?