MODERN world social media has had a huge impact on us all.

Hugely liberating we think opening up world-wide personal communication. A more connected democratic world. Or is it more the case we are being wholesale manipulated? A number of documentary dramas, including 2020 Social Dilemma, explain in depth how global social media companies are tracking our every thought.

It is extraordinary. We think we are just using media to exchange with groups and friends or look on websites. But on the other side of the screen - the Wizard of Oz screen - we are being tracked day in day out.

Mega data gives personal profiling. Profiling puts operator in a position to tap into personal lives and feelings.

In Brexit campaign Cambridge Analytica and a Canadian company, Aggregate IQ, posted millions of messages into Facebook accounts. Tapping in to likes and dislikes to move voting opinions. It really is deeply worrying. So easy for operators to control what they want us to see. What we don’t see.

I post on a local Facebook group and a friend in the same group tells me the post does not exist. Astonishing. We think we are posting but it might be that no-one sees the post but ourselves.

Again deeply worrying. We know there are automated algorithms but then you have to ask is anyone monitoring the algorithms? Or more to the point manipulating algorithms to fit marketing or political agendas.

All the difference in the world what posts are visible, what are relegated to the basement.