A Ribble Valley restaurant is in the process of building two holiday lets on site and they are set to open later this year.

Customers and tourists will soon be able to stay at The Wellsprings Spanish and Mexican restaurant, in Sabden, as the holiday lets are set to be finished in June.

The two lodges, which are currently under construction, will have their own kitchen, shower and bedroom space.

The focal point of the lets are the views as floor to ceiling windows will allow occupants to enjoy views of the stunning Ribble Valley countryside.

Owner Zak Marhraoui said the team had been working on this project for eight months.

Lancashire Telegraph: The holiday lodges under constructionThe holiday lodges under construction (Image: Zak Marhraoui)

He said: “They are luxury lodges and they will be fantastic.

“The views from them will be amazing and you’ll be able to see for miles once they have been built.”

Plans for the lodges were submitted to the council in 2021.

Zak said: “We were inspired to do something like this in lockdown. We wanted to add a little something to the tourism in the area.

“People were always asking if there was anywhere they could stay, so we applied for a planning application and it was approved.

“It’s the best thing we have ever done.

“The idea behind them is to let someone enjoy a nice meal at the restaurant, knowing they can go back and stay in the holiday let afterwards.”

Zak said his dream is to turn the Wellsprings into the holiday hotspot it used to be, as the restaurant used to have rooms for guests and visitors to stay in.

Lancashire Telegraph: ViewsViews (Image: Zak Marhraoui)

He said: “It has always been a dream of mine to expand the business like this. Hopefully, in the years to come when they do well The Wellsprings will return to how it used to be.

“There used to be nine rooms upstairs like a hotel.

“It’ll be a fantastic thing for the area. Sabden is the best place to stay in the Ribble Valley. The sunset here is the best ever.”

In their planning application submission, Zak and his partner Catherine said they always planned to introduce accommodation to the restaurant.

Zak said: “We believe strongly that this will benefit the local area, as we will encourage guests staying in our accommodation to explore surrounding towns and villages and to support other local businesses.

“The location of the units is quite unique with spectacular views and close to excellent walking areas.

“It may also appeal to people wishing to take advantage of the neighboring ski slope.”