A pathway has been built in a Ramsbottom beauty spot to create a safer route for schoolchildren and to allow residents to enjoy newly-fitted artwork.

The pathway in Grant’s Wood was improved by the Ramsbottom Countryside Access volunteers (RCAV) to allow schoolchildren and the community to avoid crossing a busy road and allow people to see new wildlife sculptures that have been put in place.

Before, pupils would have to walk up Rawson’s Rake which has no footpath, but now families are being encouraged to use this new pathway through the woods to get to the school.

The RCAV and Emmanuel Holcombe Primary School pupils came together on April 20 to celebrate the new pathway through the wood.

The opening of a new nature filled and safer pathway through Grant’s Wood includes new wildlife sculptures and decorated rocks, and was a day filled with sunshine and singing.

The event included the schoolchildren walking along the pathway to join the volunteers, singing a rendition of “One More Step Along the World I Go" and placing some creatively decorated stones along the pathway.

Two Emmanuel Holcombe pupils officially opened the pathway.

The sculptures were made with a grant from Tesco while other grants that helped with the work were provided by the council and Veolia. 

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