A petrol forecourt on a busy East Lancashire main road wants to sell alcohol from its shop 24 hours a day, alarming nearby residents.

Park Garage Group PLC have applied to extend the licensing hours for its Padiham Service Station on the A671 Burnley Road from 7am to 10pm Monday to Sunday.

But objections have been received from Burnley Council's environmental health officer and nine neighbours.

The application to vary the licensing conditions will be determined by Burnley Council's Licensing Act 2003 Sub Committee on Thursday May 11.

A supporting document says: "Park Garage Group are a family run business established in 1975 and have approximately 50 sites operating 24 hours a day.

"Of those sites, almost all are licensed to sell alcohol for 24 hours along with other products. Most are in the London area.

"The premises on Burnley Road is a well-established forecourt business and having run the site for so many years they fully understand and have a comprehensive knowledge of the local area and the proximity to residential premises.

"To mitigate the sales of alcohol a number of robust conditions have been included."

One objector says: "I live close to the garage and have very real concerns particularly regarding public nuisance and noise.

"It is unlikely that sensible car drivers will be purchasing petrol during the night and far more likely to be younger ones purchasing alcohol."

Another says: "I live in a decent residential area and can't see why a 24-hour licensed premises is needed here.

"It would encourage an element of undesirables hanging round at all times of day and night."

A third says: "There would definitely be an increase in anti-social behaviour.

"Why would anyone want to shop for alcohol at 2am other than they are already intoxicated and need more."

The environmental health officer's report says: "I am of the opinion that granting this application is likely to undermine the preventions of public nuisance licensing objective.

"In my view the noise impact of the activities at the premises, namely customers coming an going on foot (talking/shouting), by car (revving engines, car doors slamming shut), and petrol pumps operating have the potential to cause disturbance to nearby noise sensitive dwellings during the night and early mornings when residents are trying to sleep."