One argument could be that school uniforms reduce bullying and peer pressure because of their ability to create a level playing field throughout the school. When all clothes are the same, competition between who has the newest shoes or the coolest clothes is quickly eliminated and a sense of equality and unity is established among peers, enforcing (to a level) less judgement or cruelty. It also can improve punctuality by reducing the time it takes to think about what to wear for that day and can also save time in the classroom as uniform policies are easier and faster to enforce than a ‘standard’ dress code.

However, you could also argue that having a uniform comes with many disadvantages, including the argument that it reduces self- expression and individuality among young children. And while some schools believe that school uniform maintains concentration on schoolwork, many would agree that uniform has no dramatic impact on focus or test results among students. Furthermore, many young people that struggle with body image have made it clear that uniform makes them feel uncomfortable in themselves as they compare how other girls look in their uniforms. Lastly, school uniforms undermine the idea of free education by pushing a weighty bill for school uniform on parents. And while it’s true that there are many places that less fortunate families can find cheaper uniforms, many children feel embarrassed or uncomfortable in them.

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