SURELY I am not alone in feeling totally confused about the whole question of electric vehicles.

From an ethical standpoint I can certainly see the benefits of ditching petrol or diesel in favour of something far more friendly to the planet. Indeed, if it were straightforward my next car would definitely be an electric one.

But - and it’s a very big but - straightforward it is not.

For a start, have you seen the price of these EVs? I understand a lot of research is required and that there’s a lot of technology on board but come one - they are out of the price range of many motorists.

And now we come to the real elephant in the room as far as electric vehicles becoming the norm. I live in a terraced house with no drive or garage. How on earth I am expected to charge my new toy overnight so that it’s ready for the morning?

Are we going to see trailing sockets across the pavements? Can we connect them up to the nearest street light?

Should I be able to find a way of charging at home, given the ridiculously short distances many of these EVs can go without a top up, there then comes the issue of public charging points.

If we are all in on EVs there needs to be thousands of them across the country not just a handful stuck in the corner of the odd car park.

Good idea in principle but long way off in reality.