A woman has created a unique and eye-catching post box topper to celebrate the King’s Coronation.

Keeley Robertson, who runs Hooking Love in Billington, has made the post box topper entirely by hand.

The design is on Charles’ crown on top of a cushion. There are also tags attached with the symbol released for the coronation.

Keeley’s crochet work will sit atop a post box near Whalley for the next few weeks while Coronation celebration events are held across the country.

Keeley, the talented artisan behind Hooking Love, teaches others to crochet and has been selling her items for years.

She has set up a free Facebook group to help beginners get started, she's passionate about spreading the joy of this timeless craft.

Last year, Keeley and her friend Katherine Collins worked together to create post-box toppers to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The pair share the work between them, with Katherine having made a topper for the post box which was put on for Easter.

The toppers always gain a lot of attention on social media, with locals appreciating how much love, care and time is put into each design by Keeley and Katherine.