New studies have found that over 75% of children suffer anxiety- related symptoms and or are diagnosed with anxiety around exam season. During this modern day, health professionals are advising parents to become aware of their child's mental health and stress levels during exams.

Every year, a variety of children in the UK between the ages of 15-18 sit academic exams to determine the next steps in their future. The use of the exam system has been relevant since the early 19th century however, its evident that now, more than ever, employers depend on exam results as a foundation to judge theirs candidates character and skillsets. Seemingly, these factors associated with exams add pressure to adolescents to become successful and gain the best grades possible in order to pursue their ideal career.  Due to all this, multiple youths across Britain experience a shared anxiety around exam season.

New studies have shown that over 15% of adolescents may fall into the category of being "highly test anxious" in the lead up to exams. For many parents, the feeling of worry for their child's mental health during these exams season is increasing each year. It is proven that over 50% of parents fele their child struggles with the pressure effecting exams and school on a daily basis. It is believed that due to the high reputation and stigma around GCSE and A-level exams, many children underachieve in their exams.

Due to these levels of high stress, mental health charities are now producing advice and help for teachers and parents on how to support their children during this difficult time. It is proven that there are over 30 mental health charities who now offer support to adolescents during exam season.