Why I think neurotypical people have communication issues. 

Have you ever said something perfectly innocent, and someone has taken offence? What about when you’re in the middle of a conversation and the people you’re talking to go silent after you’ve spoken? Chances are you might not have said anything wrong- the people you were talking to might just think you were insinuating something completely different! For example, if you ask a simple question in a deliberately pleasant tone, neurotypical people may think you’re being condescending and trying to hold them accountable, rather than asking a genuine question- even if you say genuine question after you ask! So, you may be asking, why is this? 


Firstly, the obvious: different brains process and understand different things in diverse ways. One thing said one way could mean something completely different to someone else. As humans, we’re not all built the same and, as a result, our communication methods vary. Secondly, many neurodiverse people, especially those that are autistic, talk to people in a literal way, for example “I’m going to the shops.” means “I'm going to the shops.” Not “I’m going to the shops soon, what do you want, and do you want to come with me?” This read-between-the-lines way of speaking is common in neurotypical people. 


So how can neurotypicals have communication issues? You may ask. In answer to that, I ask you this; why is the “normal” method of communication through nuances and hints? Why are neurotypical people seemingly incapable of saying exactly what they mean? And why do they then get upset when their hints are then taken the wrong way? To me, that seems more along the lines of “communication issues” than neurodiverse people who supposedly have the “communication issues”.