Rodent droppings were found in the fridge of a takeaway which was given a zero star food hygiene rating.

Pizza Guys, at 463 Whalley New Road in Blackburn, was handed a zero star food hygiene rating, the only establishment in Blackburn to have the lowest rating available from the Food Standards Agency.

The Lancashire Telegraph submitted a Freedom of Information request to view the report following the inspection on February 8. 

The report said that inspectors found rodent droppings under the stairs, under the chest freezer, in the fridge and under the sink.

When contacted on Monday, April 10, a spokesman said the takeaway had closed down for a full re-fit and was set to re-open under a new name next month.

The spokesperson said: "The council said we need to fix the shop first and then we can run the shop and that is why we put the shop into the renovation.

"Then we will open next month under a new name.

"We are going to fix everything."

The report also said that there were chewed wires and chewed flooring, resembling ‘rodent nibbling’.

The report reads: “Contact your pest control to assess the current situation.

“Remain vigilant and follow the recommendations made by the pest control officer.

“Clean all these areas. Pest proof your building – fill gaps and holes.”

The report also said that repair work was needed in areas around the sink, the ceiling was ‘badly damaged and partially missing’ and the flooring cracked.

They also noted bare wood and bare brick near the shutters.

Inspectors said that commercial cleaning was required for the ducting and that cleaning was required on the walls in the back room, fridges, bain marie, floors, shelves, and that the cleaning must be maintained.

Inspectors also said that allergen information should be made available for all menu items, that staff should follow the manufacturers instructions for storage of food, and heavily scored chopping boards should be replaced.

On the day of the inspection, the takeaway agreed to close their doors to ensure a thorough cleaning throughout.

The report has a final rating of 55 out of 80 – 0 being very good and 80 being very bad.

They received a rating of 15 out of 25 for hygienic handling of food which includes preparation, cooking, cooling, storage and measures taken to prevent food contamination with bacteria.

They received 20 out of 25 for condition of the premises including cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation equipment and other facilities.

Finally, they received a rating of 20 out of 30 for confident in managing and recording what is done to ensure food is safe.

The following day, inspectors visited the takeaway again and said that lots of cleaning had been carried out and that they went through the allergens in detail.