A woman was left shaken after a giant pothole caused a tyre on her car to burst and left her stranded on the side of a busy country road.

Olivia Rylett, from Rishton, said she was driving down York Road between Langho and Rishton when she encountered the enormous pothole, which she clipped when trying to avoid it.

The front passenger-side tyre blew and caused a significant dent in the rim of Olivia’s car and left her, her younger brother and their puppy stranded while they waited for their father to come and change the tyre.

Once that was replaced, Olivia, 24, had to drive to the nearest garage to knock the rim back into place, which cost her £60.

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Olivia was left “very angry” by the situation, saying: “I wonder sometimes what we pay our road tax for.

“We were on the way home from Edisford Bridge and I’d decided to take the scenic route as it was such a lovely day. It isn’t a road I use often, therefore I wasn’t aware of the pothole.

“Many locals driving past stopped to tell me it was ridiculous and they knew exactly what I’d done.

“[It resulted] in us waiting on a fast-moving country road for around 20 minutes with my younger brother and our puppy while we waited for my dad to come and help me change to my spare tyre.

“It shook me up a little bit and had another car been coming the other way or doing a little faster speed it could have been a lot worse.”

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The state of the roads in Blackburn with Darwen was highlighted in a recent analysis which found that 76 per cent of the borough’s highway network is in need of improvement – the second worst in the country.

Lancashire County Council, which is responsible for maintaining roads in other East Lancs boroughs, has 25 per cent of roads in need of improvement, meaning 75 per cent are in good condition.

At the time the analysis came out last month, Blackburn with Darwen Council growth and highways boss Cllr Quesir Mahmood said: “As a council we are committed to improving the highway conditions of our network.”