A thug ‘blacked out’ while throwing his girlfriend into the wall and onto concrete two weeks after she had an emergency Caesarean section.

Kane Hunter, 26, had said to his partner that he would do all the housework and take her daughter to school after she had the surgery so she could relax as the doctor told her to do.

Lisa Worsley, prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, said that on November 28, when their son was two weeks old, an argument broke out between the pair, with Hunter complaining about having to look after their baby even though his partner was not strong enough to pick the child up.

The argument developed and Hunter started shouting about having to do all the housework and look after her four-year-old daughter which scared the young girl and she started crying.

The woman went outside to try and diffuse the situation but Hunter followed her.

He continued to shout in her face before grabbing her by the neck and throwing her into walls and into the ground on a concrete slab.

Ms Worsley said: “He then picked her up by her dressing gown collar.

“He started to squeeze on her neck.

“He was so strong she couldn’t do anything to stop him.

“She tried to dig her nails in but it didn’t work.”

Seeing what was happening, a neighbour shouted at Hunter to ‘get off her’. He let her go and shouted to the neighbour that he would ‘have him next’ before running away.

The neighbour said that Hunter was ‘pulling her around and slamming her into the wall or door and throwing her down on the concrete ground’.

Hunter returned to the house, looking as if he was going to cry and tried to hug the woman saying he was either ‘going to be arrested or dead by the end of the day’.

Police arrived and Hunter, of Crabtree Avenue, Waterfoot was arrested. The woman went to hospital where they glued together a cut on her head.

Mitigating, David Farley said that Hunter was deeply remorseful for his actions and that he does not remember the event, saying he ‘blacked out’.

Mr Farley also said that Hunter was struggling with his mental health and that the pressures of everything had mounted up.

The woman also wrote a letter of support for Hunter to the court.

Hunter, who pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm and intentional strangulation, was jailed by Judge Richard Archer for 16 months.

While jailing him, Judge Archer said: “Your victim was the woman who had just given birth to your child.

“Two weeks earlier, she had undergone an emergency C-section.

“She needed your help.

“Your lack of control that day is disturbing.

“I am told you are disgusted with yourself and so you should be.”