An iconic monument in Lancashire has been revealed as one of the most complained about in the world, according to reviewers – but we have to disagree.

Using research from Boutique Adventurer and Aquate Travel, iVisa, an online travel visa website, has researched the most famous landmarks in the world.

According to their findings, Blackpool Tower is not as popular as you might think. At the time of writing its TripAdvisor profile has around 554 ‘poor’ reviews and 488 ‘terrible’ reviews.

Overall scores to reveal the worst were calculated using TripAdvisor data, ranking the top percentages of bad and terrible reviews. 

According to the data, Blackpool Tower is the second most complained about monument in the world, with 9.4 per cent of its TripAdvisor reviews being poor or terrible.

The Palace of Versailles claimed the top spot.

A true icon of the British seaside, the tower stands 518 feet tall and has offered fun-filled days for families since 1894.

But despite its rich history it’s fallen victim to some negative reviewers.

According to some commenters, the tower is a bit too "touristy" for their liking due to the hordes of visitors and “cheesy attractions”.

Another reviewer said: “It's all about the money now and the experience and joy has been sucked dry.”

Another said: “The views from the top are fabulous, but very overpriced.”

However it is important to note that Blackpool Tower also has more than 5,800 ‘excellent’ reviews and more than 2,850 ‘good’.

Some positive reviews praise its interiors and the history behind the monument.

One person said: “It’s a must-see when visiting Blackpool.”

Another said: “This attraction never gets boring we've been coming here for year and we still love it.

“The staff here are always very helpful the view from the top is just amazing.”

“Once we got up the tower the views were great,” said another. “The kids loved standing on the glass floor!”

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Blackpool Tower has been approached for comment.