A new café which serves everything from full English breakfasts to hog roast butties and Sunday roasts has opened in East Lancashire.

Beechwood Coffee Bar on Livesey Branch Road in Feniscowles opened at the start of March and has already seen great success with several glowing reviews from residents.

The owner, Suzie Bretherton hopes to make a big impact within the community with the café.

She said: “We’ve been non-stop for a month and that’s because the community needed something like this.

Lancashire Telegraph: Hog roast with apple sauce and stuffingHog roast with apple sauce and stuffing (Image: Facebook)

“I’m running an over 60s meet because I know there’s a lot of elderly people around here on their own because their partners have died and sometimes people don’t want to sit on their own.

“So I’ve organised the meet to get them talking and out the house and give them a reason to do something.

“I really want this to have a strong community feel. When we first opened we didn’t have enough tables for everyone so we had people sharing tables.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

The café has around five to six staff, part time and fulltime including a chef and a baker.

Speaking on how business has been so far, she added: “Everything going up in price has impacted us in a way because the cost of food and rent is way more expensive than it was, say, two years ago.

“Packs of bacon used to be £6.50 and they’re about £12 now so there’s quite a lot of overhead but we’ve been so busy since we’ve opened and had amazing feedback so it’s been great so far.

“I decided to trial opening on Sunday because there’s been a lot of demand for it because a lot of people are off work then.

“We’re just finding our feet at the moment. We’re in a really good location where it’s always busy and a lot of people come in for breakfast and I’ve had feedback saying it’s the best breakfast around.”

Suzie emphasised the importance of supporting local businesses as the cost of living continues to bite and energy and food prices soar.

She said: “I’ve been brought up on a farm so it’s really important to know where our meat comes from. Not everything is locally sourced but everything that we can get local, we do.

“We bake all of our own stuff bresh on site. Our baker, Jess is up at 6am every morning baking before we open.”

Suzie recommends trying the Beechwood breakfast which is the café’s full English that has received tonnes of praise.

For lunch time, she mentioned the pulled pork with apple sauce and stuffing but her personal favourite is the scampi and fishcakes.

She added: “We do gluten free breakfast and lunches and veggie meals so we cater to everyone and try and make it inclusive.”

You can visit the café on Livesey Branch Road or visit their Facebook page, Beechwood Coffee Bar.