New studies have shown that climate change may be irreversible by 2030 due to the growing climate crisis.

For many years climate change has become and increasing problem causing  the earths temperatures to rise, more extreme weather and a loss of biodiversity. For many of us, climate change is just an issue that we hear about on the news however, is it becoming irreversible?

One major aspect of our world effected by climate change is the Amazon Rainforest. Also knows as "our Earths lungs", the Amazon Rainforest is facing devastating changes to its conditions and biodiversity due to deforestation. Statistics show that by 2050, between 30% and 60% of the rainforest could be dry savannah due to the rapid rates of deforestation. Similarly, studies have also proven that more than 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide is released due to deforestation. Trees are the earths main source of oxygen; they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis. Due to this, when deforestation occurs, the oxygen released by the trees is limited and the carbon dioxide builds up in surplus amounts.

Similarly, another huge natural biome to be destroyed by climate change is oceans and seas. One major leading cause of the rise in sea levels is global warming. As the earths temperatures rise to alarming amounts,  the Artic biomes in our world begin to melt cause an influx of excess water being released into our oceans. Astonishingly, over 3.6mm of water is added to our oceans each year. This devastating fact means that islands such as the Maldives are most likely to be under water by 2050. Moreover, statistics have shows that over 12 inches of water will be added to our oceans by 2050 causing many biomes, ecosystems and Islands to be destroyed. As the earths leading temperatures rise, so does the devastating effects of climate change.

Clearly, climate change is causing a huge issue for many of our natural biomes. During todays age, almost all human activity can contribute to the build up of climate change. For most, these issues hit home when the physical effects can be seen through factors such as extreme weather conditions or a loss of animals in their local area. So, what can we do to help? Can we stop this climate crisis? Is climate change irreversible?