A Lancashire mum has set up a fundraiser after her 25-year-old daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.

Jordan Copestake, 25, of Preston, has an aggressive and inoperable brain tumour which has caused her to lose 80 per cent of her eyesight as well as needing a wheelchair because walking makes her out of breath.

In 2021, Jordan had a biopsy which led her to have a stoke at the same time. The blood transfusions made her too weak to continue with her chemotherapy and she was then diagnosed with epilepsy.

Her mum, Sarah, is a community nurse and sees first hand how cancer viciously affects patients. She is battling to get Jordan Avastin which is an immunotherapy drug used to briefly shrink tumours. However, the treatment isn’t available on the NHS so has launched a GoFundMe to help.

Sarah said: “In November, she had back to back seizures and was in hospital again. She has now also been diagnosed with epilepsy.

“The consultant has found a treatment that might help get her off the steroids as these are causing problems with her mobility due to the increased weight she has gain as a side effect.

“The treatment Avastin is not licensed for brain tumours or funded in the NHS. But there is evidence it works on helping swelling on the brain which is one of the complications Jordan has.

“If she could get this treatment, it would help with getting her off the steroids and hopefully she can improve.

“This is a vital treatment for her and our only option at the moment. I am a working community nurse and see the effects of brain tumours in my job.

“It breaks my heart to see my daughter go through all this. However she never complains and always continues to smile.

“Please if you could help in any way it would be appreciated and so so welcome.”

So far, almost half of the £5,000 target has been raised. You can donate to Jordan's GoFundMe, here.