An East Lancashire man thinks he might have spotted something extra-terrestrial recently, after taking a picture of what he believes to be a unidentified flying object (UFO).

Mario Meeks, from Burnley, says he has taken a picture of a UFO in skies above his home on St Matthew Street.

In a picture, which was shared to the Lancashire Telegraph, you can see a light in the sky that appears to be surrounded by rings.

The 71-year-old said he saw the ‘strange light’ over three nights and has struggled to find a reasonable explanation for it.

He said:  “I saw the strange light on three separate nights. Another man was with me and also saw it each time.

“The first I thought it could be a bright star in the sky. I thought that was odd as there weren’t any other stars in the sky.”

On the third night Mario said the strange light remained but this time it was accompanied by a second, smaller and dimmer light.

According to Mario both lights started to descend behind the terraced houses.

Mario said: “It was flickering and had rings around it. You can actually see the rings in the picture.

“I haven’t been able to find another explanation for it but I am interested in discussing what it could be.

“I am really interested in UFOs and that kind of thing. It’s the first time I have ever seen anything like it.”

Interactive map, UFO Stalker, allows you to search for any previous UFO sightings - and also report some for yourself.

According to the map, there have been four apparent UFO sightings in and around Burnley since 1999.

One was in 2017 and described as looking “like a shooting star but pulsating blue moving slowly bright.”

Another was spotted in 1999 but was only reported in 2012.

The report said: “There were seven red lights in a ‘V’ shape travelling east to west.”

A third report, made in 2014, said: “I saw a disc that slowly travelled into distance.”

Another report, made by a person in Hapton back in 2019, said: “Heard a loud noise which drew our attention to the skies.

“We then observed a huge disc slowly moving over rooftops.”