Pupils are ‘delightful’ and make friends easily at a ‘good’ primary school.

Ofsted inspectors, who visited St John’s C of E Primary School on Burnley Road, Cliviger, earlier this year said that the school ‘continues to be good’.

The report spoke about how pupils of the school are ‘delightful’ and ‘kind and helpful to each other’.

The children strive to live up to high expectations set by staff and are ‘polite, hard working and well behaved’.

The inspector said: “Pupils enjoy being part of this close-knit, family-oriented and nurturing school.

“All pupils receive a warm welcome.

“Pupils are proud of their school. They arrive each day eager to learn. They are confident

in talking about what they have learned across the curriculum.

“‘Welly Wednesdays’ and fun-filled ‘Family Fridays’ are highlights of their week.”

Some areas of concern were raised by inspectors for the school to work on.

The report reads: “In a small number of subjects, leaders have not identified in enough detail the precise knowledge that they want pupils to acquire.

“As a result, some teachers are not clear enough about the most important knowledge that they should teach and check.

“Consequently, there are gaps in some pupils’ knowledge over time.

“Leaders should make sure that in all subjects teachers are aware of the essential knowledge that pupils should acquire and when they should acquire it.

“At times, teachers do not check well enough that pupils fully understand what they have taught them.

“This prevents some pupils from building their knowledge securely on what they already know. Leaders should ensure that all teachers identify pupils’ next steps in learning effectively.”

The report spoke about how children achieve well at the school, including those with SEND thanks to a balanced curriculum.

Pupils with SEND are identified and well supported by the school, with individual plans in place to tailor to each child’s needs.

The report adds: “Leaders prioritise pupils’ personal development.

“They take full advantage of the uniqueness of their rural setting.

“They ensure that the curriculum is well planned to allow opportunities for pupils’ social, moral, cultural and spiritual development.

“They aim to help pupils become resilient, responsible and healthy citizens.

“Staff encourage pupils to develop new talents and to live healthy lives.

“Much of this comes through an extensive range of out-of-school activities and outdoor learning opportunities.”

Arrangements for safeguarding are effective.