Blackburn comedian Tez Ilyas is appealing to the public for help as he sets out to feed starving Syrian refugee families this Ramadan.

Tez is planning to travel to the Lebanon this Ramadan, which takes place between March 22 and April 21 this year.

Tez will hand-deliver food parcels to Syrian refugees who are living in the neighbouring country to help them get through the month of fasting.

Tez is hoping to raise £5,000 ahead of his trip which will help to feed around 50 families.

The former Witton Park High School pupil is planning to document his trip on social media, showing those who have donated exactly where their money is going.

Tez said: “Each food parcel, costing just £100, feeds a family of seven for 30 days.

“These are families who have fled violence in Syria and are living in makeshift tents in crowded camps with little or nothing to their name.

“Without our support, they will spend another month hungry, with nothing to break their fasts when the sun sets.

“I will share my journey on social media to show you exactly where your donations are going and how they are making a difference.

“I have set us a target of feeding 50 families this Ramadan. That's literally less people than live on your street.

"No donation is too big or too small, please only give whatever you are comfortable with.”

According to the European Commission data from November 2022,  around 1.5 million Syrian refugees are currently residing in Lebanon after fleeing the brutal civil war in the nation.

While prices are skyrocketing due to a severe economic crisis, almost half of the Lebanese people and two thirds of the 1.5 million Syrian refugees are food insecure.

Some 90 per cent of Syrian households need assistance.

To make a donation visit Tez’s JustGiving page at: