The BBC has cancelled an episode of Sir David Attenborough’s upcoming show amid fears of a rightwing backlash. 

It comes after the presenter and environmentalist new series show themes of destruction of the natural world, seeing the BBC concerned about backlash from Tory politicians and the rightwing press, according to The Guardian.

The Guardian also added that the decision has angered the makers behind the programme as one insider at the BBC said that the corporation "has bowed to pressure from lobbying groups with “dinosaurian ways”.

The news of Attenborough’s cancellation comes after news that Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker would be stepping back from his role following comments he made on the new immigration bill. 

Sir David Attenborough’s new show cancelled by BBC over backlash fear

Attenborough’s new show focuses on the Wild Isles and will look at the beauty of nature within the British Isles. 

It's set to start broadcasting on Sunday, March 12 on BBC One and will be narrated by Attenborough with five episodes scheduled on a primetime slot. 

However, a sixth has been filmed bu is said to show the shocking loss of nature in the UK and what has caused it, with examples including rewilding which is not popular among rightwing parties. 

The new show was partly funded by charities WWF and RSPB but the sixth episode will not be aired on primetime TV. 

Wild Isles will only be available on BBC iPlayer as senior sources from the BBC told The Guardian: "that the decision was made to fend off potential critique from the political right."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Producer of the programme and who formally worked at the BBC’s Natural History Unit Laura Howard told the news site: "I think the facts speak for themselves. 

"You know, we’ve worked really closely with the RSPB in particular who are able to factcheck all of our scripts and provide us with detailed scientific data and information about the loss of wildlife in this country.

"And it is undeniable, we are incredibly nature-depleted. And I don’t think that that is political, I think it’s just facts.”