Plans to change a residential house into a children’s home have been approved by the council.

Shazia Noreen of Welfare First Ltd, applied to the council to change the house, on Chapel Street in Brierfield, into a children’s home and proposed to give the property a full internal refurbishment and install all the required safety equipment.

An application lodged with Pendle Council in December stated Mrs Noreen had contacted Lancashire County Council for permission to lower the pavement outside the property and have the wall removed in order to create a driveway with space for one vehicle.

Now the plans have been approved there will be a total of eight full time employees working in the children’s home, which will be open 24 hours a day.

There are no details within the application about how many children would be catered for or what their individual needs would be.

There are also no details about the number of bedrooms in the property, how many children would be on site at any one time, and how many staff would be required to be on site at any one time.

Several letters of objection were received by the council citing concerns over noise in the area and an increase in crime.

The plans were submitted in December and approved on February 28.