An East Lancs man was found collapsed at his home address by his friend who had gone to do a welfare check, an inquest has heard.

The inquest at Accrington Town Hall heard how Dominic Edwards, 31, from Helmshore, was found in his living room by friend Adam Greenwood on Thursday, September 15, after he was asked by Mr Edwards’ mother, who was on holiday, to check on him.

When Mr Greenwood, who had known Mr Edwards for around 25 years, entered the property, he went to switch the light on but saw Mr Edwards lying on the floor.

He called out to try and wake him up but there was no response.

Mr Greenwood had been asked to go round to the property after Mr Edwards’ mother, who was on holiday at the time, had not heard from him for a few days and had become concerned for his welfare.

On the last day she saw him, September 12, she had picked him up for an Inspire appointment in Haslingden and said he was struggling to form his words and seemed down.

She was aware Mr Edwards had been a drug user and assumed he had started using them again when he got in the car.

However, her concern grew in the next couple of days when he had not contacted her on her birthday, which he would do regardless of his situation.

Despite his history with drug and alcohol problems, Mr Edwards, who suffered from cerebral palsy and was partially sighted, sought help for these issues.

He had two treatment episodes with Inspire, one in 2011 and one in 2012, and achieved both of the goals he set out at the time.

After a relapse he spent time in hospital following a suicide attempt, but again became better and asked to be considered for an inpatient detoxification programme with residential rehabilitation, and demonstrated significant positive changes towards his outlook for the future.

DI Eugene Smith of Lancashire Constabulary conducted an examination of the scene at Mr Edwards’ address.

He said Mr Edwards was found slumped against the side of a TV cabinet with pressure sores on his back, which came from lying against a plug socket.

Drug paraphernalia was also found in the living room and on Mr Edwards’ person.

Reaching a narrative conclusion, Coroner Laura Fox said: “We know Dom has a history of cerebral palsy.

"He was known to take heroin and had a previous suicide attempt and he did engage with services.

“He requested more recently to be considered for an inpatient programme followed by rehabilitation to live a drug free life.

“I do not find any evidence to support a conclusion of suicide.

“It appears attitude towards recovery and outlook for future had changed significantly prior to the attempt to end his life.

“There was no evidence for use of heroin or ethanol ingestion. What we don’t know is whether this is because of the length of time before he was found.”

Ms Fox reached a medical cause of death of unascertained.