Yes, not only do crystals benefit your day to day life, there are beliefs they are a gateway to self-healing. North West Crystals is a picturesque shop located in Clitheroe opened due to the high demand. You may be wondering “why crystals?” Well, the shop owners, Adrian and Louise “just want to bring what they have to a bigger audience [and] showcase the magnificent crystals.” Recently, a larger audience has been interested in these gemstones. Potentially, it is due to Covid where people had the time to look “inward and outward”. But, we all know that it is “human nature” to treat ourselves every once in a while, whether it is a crystal or a ‘cheeky’ bar of chocolate. Although, there were many negatives to Covid, it also welcomed many benefits, such as people focusing on their mental health.

The owners explained how “all the time” there are customers asking about the benefits. In fact, it is the most asked question! People tend to ask based on the physical or mental aspects. Adrian and Louise estimate 75/80% of customers ask about the belief systems. “The power of belief can do incredible things for the body”, confirms Adrian.  Louise makes it apparent that “not one crystal can make something happen.” She explains how you can use the crystal as a tool to help you. Now, at certain NHS hospitals, you can get crystal therapy as an alternative method to treat some illnesses. Yes, I know, you may be thinking: “it’s just a placebo.” Even if it is, Louise states that “the goal is to make people feel better”. So, does it matter?

There has been a number of case studies based on the benefits of crystals. However, there is no direct scientific proof. But, people do many things that have no basis in science like prayers. Does science get in the way of belief? Adrian states:  “[there is] very little scientific evidence that crystals will help [physically]. However, if you put all of your faith in science, you take away your body’s own ability to heal itself. ”

Man’s association with crystals goes back thousands of years: we first became involved when using flint to light fires. Since then, the desire for mankind to have crystals has spread like wildfire. Crystals are involved with mankind inside and out. There are even tribes to this day, “that insert crystals under their skin due to their belief of protection” highlights Louise. Did you know that that everyone has crystals inside of them? There is a minute amount of magnetite located in your cerebrum which is responsible for you standing upright and your balance! Crystals vibrate, just like atoms, every one doing so differently meaning that there are beliefs that each one resonates with your body in a varied way. For example, quartz. It vibrates at a constant rate, no matter whether the conditions change or not. “You can tune this to your body,” explained Louise. So, crystals and your body do go hand in hand.

If you now are considering purchasing your first crystal or another five to add to your collection (which I hope you are!), I recommend North West Crystals. Not only do they ensure the money goes as close to the source as possible, they support corporations in India, Indonesia and China - all of which support the miners directly. What are you waiting for? Start your self-healing journey with crystals today!