A councillor has condemned the publication on Amazon of three books about Nicola Bulley just days after her body was found.

Leader of Wyre Council, Cllr Michael Vincent, branded the profiteering as “nothing short of disgusting”, saying whoever wrote the books were “capitalising on her death”.

Mum-of-two, Nicola, went missing on January 27 while out walking her dog in St Michael’s on Wyre after dropping her two young children at school.

A missing persons appeal was launched and following a three-week search by Lancashire police, the 45-year-old’s body was found in the River Wyre on Sunday February 19.

Following her tragic death, three books have been published on Amazon Kindle claiming to tell the ‘untold truth’ about what happened to Nicola.

One is titled Nicola Bulley: The Untold Truth Behind Her Death, by someone called Mark J. Donald.

The second is Nicola Bulley: Biography, Missing Timeline, Net worth, Early life, Education, Careers, Family, Death, and More, by Legit Report.

And the third is called Nicola Bulley: People Don’t Just Vanish by Christian D. Kelly, which was published a week before her body was found.

Cllr Vincent said: “This is nothing short of disgusting, that someone is seeking to capitalise on her sad death and the searches that were carried out, in an attempt to make money from it all.

“I would call on every right minded person not to enable this by downloading any of them and validating this sort of behaviour.

“Whatever people do, please do not buy it, don’t download it.”

The inquest into Ms Bulley’s death is likely to take place in June, when a coroner will seek to determine how she died.

An inquest opening at Preston Coroner’s Court on Wednesday (February 22) was told maxillofacial surgeon Andrew Ian Edwards had examined her dental records, which had been obtained by police from her dental surgery.

Senior coroner Dr James Adeley said remaining evidence gathered by police and the post-mortem examination required “further evaluation”.