This year, many Brits fear that they will have to surrender to a staycation with holiday prices set to rise by 10%. Since last summer, package holidays to places such as Turkey, Spain and Italy may have risen to unaffordable prices; leaving many worrying about how to spend their summer holidays within the UK.  

For many Brits, factors such as: the cost-of-living crisis, increased travel prices and package holiday rates may have swayed them to plan a holiday in the UK for a cheaper alternative. For some, such as this retail worker from Lancashire, they believe that prices of holidays may get worse in up-coming years. She expressed that, “For many of us, stay-cations have been our staple holidays every year since covid.” She then went on to add, “Now, we are getting out-priced by not only holidays abroad, but the price of Holidays in the UK too!”  

However, some British Holiday resorts have admitted to upgrading the quality of the holidays they provide so it matches their prices. Center Parcs has recently been voted as one of the best places to go for a staycation in the UK. However, some may argue that the quality does not match with the pricing as one weekend away, for a family of four, can cost up too £1000. On top of this, activities and luxuries at Center Parcs can cost an additional £30 (per person) for one limited hour of fun!  

A recent survey, held by the public in Lancashire, has reported that many would not book a holiday within the UK due to the lack of quality and their soaring prices. During a recent interview, a family-oriented person from Lancashire expressed that “No matter where you go, holidays aren't worth the money anymore.” He then went on to add that “my money is better well spent at home making sure we all have warm houses, food and a decent quality of life.”  Like this, over 40% of Brits searching for 2023 holidays have admitted that they would not settle for a ‘cheap Haven Holiday’ due to the low quality provided. Although holidays at Haven Caravan Resort can only be around £181 (for three days), many believe that the stigma around these holidays have been declasse will slay them to settle for no holiday at all.  

For many, the middle ground between a cheap holiday and an expensive holiday has been lost with many having to prioritise cost and quality over a fun break away.