Clitheroe Football Club has responded to a video of boys throwing stones at Widnes FC fans' coach after a match over the weekend.

On Saturday, February 11 Clitheroe FC scored a victory result of 4-2 against Widnes FC which the club have praised as a “very successful and well attended match”.

However, a video emerged on Twitter of a group of four young fans throwing stones at a coach for Widnes FC fans after the match.

Condemning the behaviour, Clitheroe FC fans took to Twitter to speak out against the "unacceptable" and "disgraceful" actions of the group, and apologised about the “small minority” of their club’s fans.

Video posted on Twitter by @Lewis37007964.

In response to the video, Lee Roe, media director of Clitheroe FC said: “Clitheroe Football Club hosted a very successful and well attended match against Widnes FC on Saturday. The game ran very smoothly off the pitch, assisted by our regular stewards. 

“At the end of the game, the stewards escorted the young fans who had followed Widnes to their coach and checked with their three adult supervisors that everyone was on the coach before taking their leave. The coach then left.  At this point the football club's duty of care ended. 

“The club obviously deplores the child subsequently throwing a stone at the coach, and anticipates that this will be dealt with in the usual way by relevant authorities.”

Mark Blackman, the stadium announcer, tweeted: “Not proud of this one bit... Sadly it's only a small minority (of) Clitheroe FC and we do our best to control it but I'm guessing action will now be taken with these youths - apologies to the Widnes FC from me personally (I'm the stadium announcer) - hope you got home safe.”