A loving friend and son was found dead in the back bedroom of a house as a result of multi drug toxicity, an inquest heard.

Jordan Fairhurst, 31, from Padiham, was found at an address in Gisburn Road, Barrowford on Thursday, July 21.

He was discovered by friends who had been staying in the same house as him that night.

An inquest at Accrington Town Hall heard the series of events leading up to Mr Fairhurst’s death.

A toxicology report from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals confirmed there was evidence for compound use of a range of drugs including cocaine and cannabis.

On the evening of July 20, Mr Fairhurst and his friends, Danielle Buckley, Nadia Dand and Amy Portman, attended Ms Portman’s home address for a social gathering where they planned to cook dinner together and have a movie night.

The group went to Aldi to get food for dinner as well as sweets, crisps and chocolate for the films after dinner.

Ms Dand said Mr Fairhurst had seemed fine at the time, but when he was meant to be helping cooking dinner he left the kitchen for around 10 minutes and she did not know where he had gone.

Ms Buckley added she and Mr Fairhurst both ate a cannabis sweet that made her feel “a bit stoned”, and he had seemed a bit “spaced out” and wobbly all night.

After having dinner, the group went upstairs to one of the bedrooms as it had a bigger television than downstairs, and they sat down to watch a film.

They were laughing and joking together while watching the film, but as it went on Mr Fairhurst kept falling asleep and snoring.

The others told him to stop snoring or he’d have to go to the next room and go to sleep properly, which he eventually did after continuing to fall asleep intermittently.

Around 10 minutes after going into the other bedroom, the group heard a loud bang from the room, and when they went to see what had happened, they found Mr Fairhurst stood up laughing saying that he had fallen off the bed.

He went back to sleep, and eventually the others in the group went to sleep in the other room.

The next morning, Ms Buckley’s alarm went off at 6m for work but she snoozed this until 7.50am, when she got up to make a coffee.

She made one for Mr Fairhurst and when she went into the room to give it to him he was sat up in the bed, fully clothed, pale and with froth around his mouth.

She told the others she thought Mr Fairhurst was dead and they called for an ambulance, with police attending too.

Sgt Tattersley, senior investigating officer, said there were no overt signs of drug use around his body or in the house in general.

He added he was satisfied there were no suspicious circumstances and no third party involvement in Mr Fairhurst’s death.

Mr Fairhurst was known to mental health services in the area and had a lot of contact with the home treatment team of the Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust from early 2022.

He first presented there on December 28, 2021, after taking over the counter drugs and seemed agitated and with a low mood during an initial assessment.

During multiple assessments he denied self-harm but said he had thoughts of suicide though had no intention to act on them because of the distress this would cause to his family.

Concluding the inquest, Coroner Mark Williams said there was nothing unusual about this night, and there was no evidence of drug misuse aside from the cannabis sweet.

There was no alcohol and it was "a perfectly normal, happy evening".

He said that after going to sleep a combination of drugs was such that Mr Fairhurst passed away in his sleep. There was no evidence he took his own life.

After offering his condolences to the family and friends, Mr Williams recorded a conclusion of a non-intentional drug-related death.