Pupils ‘love’ coming to a primary school where they ‘think for themselves but feel for others’.

Waterfoot Primary School, on Wolfenden Green, has been rated ‘good’ in its most recent Ofsted visit, with inspectors praising the primary school for their 'strong SEND support'.

Inspectors said staff foster ‘nurturing relationships quickly’ and that pupils get on well with their teachers.

Leaders have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and achievement, including those with special educational needs and disabilities, which pupils live up to.

Inspectors noted the school motto, ‘we think for ourselves but feel for others’, is ‘truly at the heart of everything that leaders do’.

The report said: “When some pupils experience fallouts, adults listen.

“They help pupils to understand how their actions may affect others’ feelings.

“Bullying is infrequent. If it happens, adults sort it out.

“If pupils have any concerns or worries, there is an adult that they can talk to.

“This helps them to feel safe in school.”

Older pupils act as ‘buddies’ to children in the early years and key stage one and appreciate the opportunity to be ‘role models’.

Support for pupils with SEND is ‘strong’, with staff receiving additional training to help deepen their understanding of individual pupils' needs.

To help these pupils with additional needs, staff have developed the ‘hazel’ classroom where pupils with complex SEND receive personalised and bespoke support to access the same curriculum as their peers.

The curriculum is broad and ambitious with all pupils achieving well across a range of subjects.

Staff address misconceptions as they arise during lessons, however, inspectors highlighted some concerns.

The report reads: “In a small number of subjects, teachers are not using assessments effectively enough to pinpoint gaps in pupils’ learning.

“This is because the checks on learning that teachers make are sometimes not fully matched to the intended curriculum.

“This means that, in some subjects, teachers are less certain about what learning pupils should revisit before moving on.”

Pupils fundraise for local charities and have formed partnerships with local groups, becoming active members of their community.

The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.