Dancing: take the opportunity to better yourself. Not only does dance improve your mental wellbeing, it can help your social life and flexibility! Why not give this sport a try? Don’t worry, dancing isn’t as difficult and tedious as you believe.

Let’s begin by reviewing the positive impact dance can have on your health. Struggling with your mental health? Dance. Since it is a way for people to express themselves, it has been proven that dancing is able to release stress, reduce anxiety and alleviate the symptoms of depression. You may be wondering, ‘how is this possible?’ Well, look no further because it is all due to the release of hormones (endorphins) which enhance your happiness. Your mental health impacts your day-to-day life, therefore wouldn’t it be worthwhile to take some time for yourself?

Exercise: not as unpleasant as it seems. As I am sure you are aware, dance is a form of exercise filled with a plethora of physical benefits. One of which is flexibility. Now, you might be thinking why is this important for me? Well, improving your flexibility can decrease your chances of injury (and, for those of you who are experienced dancers, enhance the appearance of your moves). Similarly, this form of exercise can benefit your balance. Before you know it, you’ll be moving around the stage like Billy Elliot!

Do you want to find another way to have fun? Or do you want to meet more people? How can you do this? Simply, join your local dance class. There are plenty of forms of dance: jazz, ballet, tap or even ballroom. Surely there will be one for you! In these classes, you can expand your circle and enjoy yourself! Dance is a community. A form of escapism from your daily schedule.  Whether you want 30 minutes of stress relief or 1 hour to have fun with some new friends, dance is the move for you.

Take it from my dance teacher: “Dance has an enormous benefit on mental wellbeing. It develops strong bonds, releases endorphins, evokes a sense of freedom, encourages openness and unity. When we feel free and open, we forget everything else, and make a more creative view of the world which makes us more empathic humans.” Whether you decide to dance for pleasure or health, just know that dancing is the perfect way to express yourself and find something you love. What are you waiting for?