A Barrowford woman is making a short film about the infamous Pendle witch trials and filming for it starts this week.

Emma Swinton’s film will be based on the true event of the 1612 trials where people were were executed after being accused of witchcraft.

Emma’s short film will take a closer look at the life of nine-year-old Jennet Device, who was a key witness in the trials and many historians argue her testimony led to the death of her family members and neighbours.

Emma’s movie, which is currently untitled, will offer the audience a more sympathetic look at Jennet’s life.

37-year-old Emma, who was born in Bolton, said: “The film will be centered around the story of the Pendle witch trials but not as everyone knows it.

“The story of Jennet Davis really interested me. I feel like she was misunderstood.

“She was a child, didn’t have any legal help, and was taken away from her family.

“I can’t believe any child would stand up in court and make claims that would get their family members killed.

“She was forced into this horrible situation.”

The film will be told through the eyes of a fictional staff member and Emma hopes it will portray the “sense of the injustice and coercion” that could have been happening in English courts at the time.

She said: “Through the film I want to explore the fear women may have felt at that time, wondering if they would be next to be accused.

“I want to give people a different perspective on the story. We have the facts but where is the human side of this historical story?”

Emma is currently finalising the cast and says she can’t wait to start filming.

Emma said: “Ever since I was a teenager and dreamed of being a film maker, this is the film I wanted to make.

“It’s been a long time in the making and I’ve done years of research.

“I am more excited than stressed. I feel really organised. It’s a lot of work but I am feeling really together.

"Everyone is so lovely and enthusiastic and understands the reason why we are making the film.”

It is not yet known when the movie will air but camera crews are set to descend on various filming locations, including Pendle itself and across the border in Yorkshire, starting this week.

On August 20, 1612, 10 condemned prisoners, including all of Jennet’s family and some of her neighbours were taken to the moors above the town, still known as Gallows Hill, and hanged.

Alizon Device, Elizabeth Device, James Device, Anne Whittle, Anne Redfearn, Jane Bulcock, John Bulcock, Alice Nutter, Isobel Robey and Katherine Hewitt were all killed that day, after being found guilty of murder by witchcraft.