An OnlyFans creator from East Lancashire, who makes thousands of pounds by posting online pornographic content, has spoken about the highs and lows of the industry.

Ben Jones, originally from Liverpool but now living in Brierfield, set up his OnlyFans, a subscription service used most infamously by sex workers, three months ago.

The 27-year-old said he makes around £235 a week, around £1,000 a month, on the website where he posts videos and pictures to subscribers.

He also sells personalised videos and content if a subscriber requests it.

Ben, known as @scousebenji on Only Fans, said he wants to become successful on the website and has ambitious goals of becoming a high-earning creator.

Lancashire Telegraph: Ben JonesBen Jones (Image: Ben Jones)

He said: “After I broke up with my ex I decided to just embrace being single and started an OnlyFans.

“I wanted to do something to better myself and become successful.

“I want to be successful in my life. I know people in the past have been successful on the app and can make thousands per month.”

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According to Ben the job is “easy money” and he can film, create and post all of his content for the week in just a matter of hours – but there are some downsides.

Ben said he often has to deal with strange requests from customers and is often asked to send soiled underwear.

He said: “Sometimes you get odd requests from subscribers and you have to ask yourself sometimes if it is worth the money.

“If something is really strange and out of the ordinary them I am not going to do it.

“You also have to make a relationship with your subscribers and even have to lie to them sometimes when they ask if you will meet them in person, reminding them that this is a job and you can’t do it for free.”

Ben, who is also signed up to escort websites and has posted content to other adult websites, said his career has cost him friends and potential relationships.

He said: “Some of my mates think it’s a bit weird but I am not affected by their opinions, or anyone else’s.

"I even tell some of my customers at my day job about it and tell them to subscribe to me.

“However, more people don’t want to speak to me now. As soon as I started this and openly talking about OnlyFans my social media followers have dropped.

“It’s cost me friendships and potential relationships.”

While posting the content is easy, Ben says the hardest part about the job is creating a strong social media following and gaining subscribers.

He said: “It’s such an oversaturated market, and it’s hard just to get and maintain the followers.

“You have to spend so much of your time promoting it on TikTok and Twitter, but it’s easy to get banned on these platforms.”

According to Ben, who also works as a delivery and transport driver, said he is using the extra income from OnlyFans to navigate these tough financial times and achieve his goal of opening his own barber shop.

He said: “The money I get isn’t for drugs, alcohol or anything untoward – I use it to get by which is hard with the current economic climate.

“I am trying to save up for a van for my day job and raise enough money for my own barber shop.

“I want to make as much money as possible and be as successful as possible.”